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It is pleasure to welcome you to Jamwal Group of Educational Institutions (JGEI).

At JGEI, we believe in imparting quality education and preparing the student community to face the chal lenges of  life.

To us, good academics means “Value Addition”. This encompasses the entire gamut of activities associated with the complete development of an individual-academic, curricular, extracurricular, social, cultural and sports, that help in formulating the psychological profile of a person, thereby leading him/her to a successful career. We are dedicated to inculcating in every student an all round development, with a strong focus on ethical conduct, discipline and responsibility to the society.

We believe that true education trains both head and heart. Our mission is to make our students intellectually competent, morally strong, socially committed and spiritually inspired so that they can contribute towards Nation building. Our prime objective is to equip them with right values, attitudes, beliefs and capabilities to face the ever-changing world more effectively.

We have created vast state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, putting together best of teaching talent, equipping with every required learning aid to ensure that students at Jamwal Group of Educational Institutions get the best in terms of education, facilities and faculty. Ourcommitmentto excellence helps us set outstanding teaching standards. At JGEI, we mould every student into competent and successful individual.

We hope to come up to the expectations of one and al I, the students, the parents and society at large. We believe that education is a serious business for you and for us. We are acutely conscious of the role that we have to play in shaping the students here, and preparing them to become effective and efficient leaders, besides inculcating in them the virtues of humility, humbleness and a concern for the humanity.

I take pleasure in welcoming all those young men and women aspiring to excel, in the years ahead, to join any of the prestigious courses as appropriate to their mission requirements. The Director/Principal of each Institution will be happy to respond to the queries and provide other personal guidance to the aspirants.

Er. Vidhi S. Singh

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